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Entity Liquidation

  • Preparation of the required legal documents;
  • Check of the accounting and taxes computation:
    • Before the start of tax audit we verify the submitted tax return on correctness and the state of accounting database in relation of mistakes;
  • Analysis on potential tax risks and additional tax accruals;
  • Support in tax audit:
    • Communication with the tax authorities in the basis of the power of attorney;
    • Collection and submission of the primary documents and written/oral explanations in the process of tax audit.
  • Support in refund of the cash overpayment, if any, after the tax audit completion;
  • Reconciliation with the customs authorities:
    • Preparation of the reconciliation acts with the customs authorities;
    • Communication with the customs authorities on the basis of the power of attorney;
    • Submission of the explanation letters primary documents required in the process of check with the customs authorities.
  • Support in the cash overpayment refund, if any, and collection of the confirmation on reconciliation with customs authorities.

Our specialists have an experience of over than 10 years on entities liquidation. We know the procedures, terms, legislation and have the positive outcomes. Our expertise on liquidation allows providing you with the solutions/options in any situation. We know the tax inspector in face, they know us



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