Бухгалтерский учет и налогообложение

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Accounting and Tax Services

  • Accounting outsourcing in accordance with IFRS:
    • Posting the primary documents into accounting database;
    • Preparation of the primary documents – acts of acceptance, prepayment invoices, tax invoices, business trip reports, acts on disposal of inventories, fixed assets and intangible assets, business trip certificates, goods receipt/dispatch notes, etc. Reconciliation with clients and suppliers.
  • Preparation/ Check of the tax returns and statistical reports (monthly/quarterly/annually):
    • Filling out and submission of the tax returns, forms 101.01, 101.02, 100.00, 101.04, 200.00, 210.00, 300.00, 320.00, 328.00, 700.00, 701.01, 701.00, 870.00 on the basis of accounting data.;
    • Filling out and submission of the statistical reports according to the special list determined by the state authorities;
    • Check of already submitted tax returns in relation to its correctness and compliance with the established instructions.
  • Verification/reconciliation on whether the accounting data is compliant to the accounting policy and business procedures:
    • Verification is to ensure whether accounting database is kept in harmonization with accounting and tax policies established by the company;
    • Verification of effectiveness of internal controls and their implantations.
  • Preparation of the tax registers and detailed working papers to them:
    • Development and preparation of the tax registers in accordance with legislation and internal requirements in Excel.
  • Preparation of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS provisions and other GAAPs:
    • Preparation of the full package of the financial statements – statement of financial position, statement of comprehensive income, statement of movement in equity, statement of cash flow, notes – on the basis of accounting database.
  • Vast consulting services in accounting and taxes:
    • Consultations on practical questions in application of tax legislation;
    • Consultations in accounting;
    • Consultations in preparation of the financial statements.
  • Development of the business procedures/methodologies, accounting and taxes policies.;
  • Preparation of management reporting as per the client’s requirements:

Preparation of the management reporting package with working files, notes in compliance with the corporate rules.