Accounting and Tax Services

Accounting outsourcing in accordance with IFRS:

  • Posting the primary documents into accounting database;
  • Preparation of the primary documents – acts of acceptance, prepayment invoices, tax invoices, business trip reports, acts on disposal of inventories, fixed assets and intangible assets, business trip certificates, goods receipt/dispatch notes, etc. Reconciliation with clients and suppliers.

Preparation/ Check of the tax returns and statistical reports (monthly/quarterly/annually):

  • Filling out and submission of the tax returns, forms 101.01, 101.02, 100.00, 101.04, 200.00, 210.00, 300.00, 320.00, 328.00, 700.00, 701.01, 701.00, 870.00 on the basis of accounting data;
  • Filling out and submission of the statistical reports according to the special list determined by the state authorities;
  • Check of already submitted tax returns in relation to its correctness and compliance with the established instructions.

Verification/reconciliation on whether the accounting data is compliant to the accounting policy and business procedures:

  • Verification is to ensure whether accounting database is kept in harmonization with accounting and tax policies established by the company;
  • Verification of effectiveness of internal controls and their implantations.

Preparation of the tax registers and detailed working papers to them:

  • Development and preparation of the tax registers in accordance with legislation and internal requirements in Excel.

Preparation of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS provisions and other GAAPs:

  • Preparation of the full package of the financial statements – statement of financial position, statement of comprehensive income, statement of movement in equity, statement of cash flow, notes – on the basis of accounting database.

Vast consulting services in accounting and taxes:

  • Consultations on practical questions in application of tax legislation;
  • Consultations in accounting;
  • Consultations in preparation of the financial statements.

Development of the business procedures/methodologies, accounting and taxes policies;

Preparation of management reporting as per the client’s requirements:

  • Preparation of the management reporting package with working files, notes in compliance with the corporate rules.


Support in Tax audit and Appeal of Tax Audit Results

Analysis on the compliance with the tax legislation requirements of Kazakhstan:

  • Before the tax audit start we implement the verification of the submitted tax returns in relation to its correctness and provision of the possible tax risks.

Support in cameral control:

  • Analysis of the notification from cameral control;
  • Preparation of the response to the cameral control notification;
  • Preparation an submission of the additional tax returns.

Support in tax audit – on a subject, complex, VAT:

  • Consultations on the VAT claim procedures;
  • Preparation of the documents package to submit to the tax authorities;
  • Communication with the tax authorities in the process of VAT claim.

Support to appeal the tax authorities decision on fines and other notifications on the additional taxes accrual:

  • Consultations on the appeal procedure;
  • Communication and organization of the services of attorney to represent the interest in the higher instances and/or the court;
  • Legal support in the process of appeal.


Legal Services

  • Vast legal consultations/advices;
  • Preparation of memorandums and resolutions;
  • Support in business negotiations;
  • Preparation of the minutes, agreements and other legal documents;
  • Entity registration and re-registration.


HR Services

  • Development of HR documents (labour agreements, orders, personal cards, etc.);
  • Full HR outsourcing;
  • Re-build of HR documents;
  • Preparation of the required reports to the labor and immigration authorities.


Entity Liquidation

Our specialists have an experience of over than 10 years on entities liquidation. We know the procedures, terms, legislation and have the positive outcomes.

Our expertise on liquidation allows providing you with the solutions/options in any situation. We know the tax inspector in face, they know us.

Preparation of the required legal documents;

Analysis on potential tax risks and additional tax accruals;

Check of the accounting and taxes computation:

  • Before the start of tax audit we verify the submitted tax return on correctness and the state of accounting database in relation of mistakes.

Support in tax audit:

  • Communication with the tax authorities in the basis of the power of attorney;
  • Collection and submission of the primary documents and written/oral explanations in the process of tax audit.

Reconciliation with the customs authorities:

  • Preparation of the reconciliation acts with the customs authorities;
  • Communication with the customs authorities on the basis of the power of attorney;
  • Submission of the explanation letters primary documents required in the process of check with the customs authorities.

Support in refund of the cash overpayment, if any, after the tax audit completion;

Support in the cash overpayment refund, if any, and collection of the confirmation on reconciliation with customs authorities.


Consulting Services

  • Changes in tax legislation requirements;
  • Practical support for young specialists in accounting, preparation of the financial statements and tax accounting.


Accounting Re-build

Verification of the primary documents and accounting database:

  • Analysis of the state of accounting database;
  • Analysis on correctness of the primary documents and its availability of lack.

Require of and collection of the primary documents from suppliers:

  • Communication with suppliers to require and collect missed primary documents: acts of acceptance, tax invoices, acts of reconciliation.

Verification of accounting and taxes computation:

  • Analysis on submitted tax returns in relation to correctness.

Preparation and submission of additional tax returns:

  • Preparation and submission of the additional tax returns on the basis of the comparison analysis between submitted and how it should be.

Tax optimization:

  • We analyze the tax accounting and define the “bottlenecks”;
  • We propose the tax optimization to be compliant with the tax legislation.


Additional services

We offer the following additional services услуги:

  • Stamp production;
  • Registration as a VAT payer;
  • Reception of the Electronic Signature;
  • Registration of Cash Machine;
  • Opening of the bank accounts;
  • Change of the legal address.